And the Cobra Kissed the Ghost
It's definitely got the coolest name of any exhibition this month, and Keith Rosson's paintings look pretty sweet, to boot. The mixed media images combine painterly abstraction, stylized configuration, and obscure symbolism. Northview Gallery at Portland Community College, 12000 SW 49th, 977-4264, Through Dec. 4

* Rhinestone Thong
Hanging one of Vinh Bui's Plexiglas paintings over your bed would inspire more boudoir action than a mirror on the ceiling. Wood paneling, fragmented bodices, and glowing strips of green and pink all comprise these great paintings. Field, 328 NW Broadway #114, 503 810 4788, Through May 31

The Continuing Thread
A group show of six contemporary artists who use fibers in ways that Granny never would have approved of. Angela Haseltine Pozzi's Finding Nemo yarnscapes should be excellent, as well as Mark Newport's Marvel Comics stitchery. Archer Gallery, Clark College, 1800 E McLoughlin, Vancouver, (360) 992-2200, Through Dec. 5

* The Kill Zone
In northeastern Oregon, on land that the Umatilla Indian Tribe hunts, fishes, and gathers medicinal plants, the US government has stockpiled decades worth of nerve gas, mustard agents, arsenic, and hundreds of other deadly chemical agents. For extra comfort, the storage depot is located downwind of the Hanford Nuclear Power plant. This group show features photos, paintings, and installations about the area, as well as Umatill, a documentary film abut the Depot. Orlo Exhibition Space, 2516 NW 29th, Bldg 9, 242-1047, Through Jan. 23

* The Triumph of French Painting
We're talking serious art here, folks. If you've never seen a painting by Georges de la Tour in person, sprint over to PAM and do yourself a favor. Don't let any prejudice you think you have about classical art stop you from seeing this show. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park Ave, 226-2811