This just in my e-mail box from the capital letter disdaining m.b.:

anyways, i was wondering if anyone at the merc knew of a list of places that were gonna be open on xmas, and what times they were open.

all i know off hand is Zupans (at least they seem to be open till 3pm or so every year. and they have some prepared foods). and Sweetpea Baking Company. i called them yesterday and they're gonna be open 9am till 2pm or so. and they have all sorts of sweet and savory foods.

i figured there had to be a handful of other spots in town. you know, other than gas stations..etc... but places you could actually hang out or get food at... and feel less lonely by congregating with other people who haven't left town.

if anyone is feeling super motivated, i'm sure all of your readers would be stoked to have it blogged about.
even if you just ask readers to leave a comment with all of the places they can think of, i'm sure we'd be able to compile a decent list.

You ask, I find. Or actually, I find what other people have already found. Thanks,!

This list appears on a thread on the forum dedicated to places open on Christmas Day. Remember, you can always get Chinese... Just like in A Christmas Story, when the dogs eat the turkey and the family has to go eat duck at a Chinese restaurant with the waiters that sing "Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra Ra-ra-ra-ra." Ahhh, racial stereotypes. Will you ever stop being funny? Anyway:

Typhoon (Broadway) and Bo Restobar
McCormick and Shmicks
Kennedy School
Portland City Grill
Bistro 921
Chart House
Daily Grill
Porto Terra
Three Degrees

But for the love of baby Jesus, please call ahead and make sure they're open! And if you happen to know of any places not on the list, help a blogtownie out in the comments section.