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"Bomb Train" Blowup

Push to Block Oil Trains Heats Up with Arrest of 21 Activists Last Week

Swan Island May Soon Have the Boat Launch of Your Dreams

But Some Say the City's Plan to Pay for It Is Shoddy

Hall Monitor: In the Hole

The City's About to Spend Money It Doesn't Have to Fight Homelessness

In Other News

Another New Tax? More Inclusive IDs!

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Naked Hour's Debut Is the Least Lonely-Sounding Breakup Album

Always On The Weekend Chronicles the Demise of a Relationship

The Odyssey of Benjamin Clementine

From Paris Streets to International Stardom

Sleeping Beauties' Vital American Punk

The Portland Band's Self-Titled Debut Is Poetic in Its Disgusting Flourishes

All-Ages Action!

This Week in All-Ages Music

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Jeff Goldblum Is the Savior of Planet Earth

Jeff Goldblum: Resurgence > Independence Day: Resurgence

Starring Dr. Ian Malcolm as Himself

Ian Malcolm Should Have His Own TV Show. Here Are Some Ideas!

How to Talk Like Jeff Goldblum

Can You Talk Like Jeff Goldblum? Spoiler: No

Jeff Goldblum's Psychosexual Power

It Will Hold You in Its Thrall

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The Eight Best Items at Pine Street Market

(And They're All 10 Bucks or Less!)

Drink This

Portland Soda Works Elevates the Syrup Game

The Waiting Room: Fried Chicken, Oysters, and Bubbly

Stick to the Basics and You'll Be Happy

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Cannabuzz: The Rise of Canna Bullies

Not Everyone in the Cannabis World Is Chill

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Are Dispensary Owners Liable?

If a Customer Does Something Stupid, Are Business Owners to Blame?

Eat Your Green!

There Are a Few Things You Should Know Before You Chow Down on Oregon's Newly Legal Weed Edibles

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Sold Out

A Chat with Designer Lizz Basinger

Sold Out

Inside the Art Institute's Fashion Show

Portland's Pretty

The Hottest Looks at Linework NW!

Sold Out: June Style Events

Native Fashion Now, and More Must-See Events

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This Week's Cover Artist, J Morrison, on the Gayest Cats Ever

Get Your Geek on at GeekCraft Expo PDX

The New Craft Fair Features Local Makers of Nerdy Delights

Project Art: The City’s Alternative Gallery Spaces

Home School and Compliance Division’s Art of Inclusion

Allie Hankins' Art Machine

Stand-Up Meets Performance in Now Then

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Chuck Klosterman Hasn't Seen the Future, But He's Thought About It A LOT

The Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs Author on the Disappearance of Everything

Lisa Hanawalt's Lessons in Reverse-Centaur Appreciation

The Foodie Hijinks and Horse People of Hot Dog Taste Test

Mary Roach Is Your Buddy in the Bar Bathroom of Science

The Author Explores the Pop Science of War in Grunt

Lindy West, Slayer of Bullies

The Author of Shrill Heroically Melds Comedy with Feminism

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Stupid Kids' Blood and Guts in High School

John C. Russell's Queer Youth Manifesto Still Resonates

See What Emerges at Risk/Reward

The Festival of New Performance Takes on Identity and Diaspora

Defunkt Theatre's Pagan Paean to... Theater

The Udmurts Is Too Self-Referential for Its Own Good

The Vanport Mosaic Festival Preserves the Past

The New Arts Festival Takes on Black History in Oregon

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The Portland DJ/Dance Night Mega List!

Here Are the Best Places to Shake Your Bum

"Lives Matter"

Voices and Pictures from Portland's #PulsePride Vigil

Our Place

What We Find in Gay Bars and Queer Clubs

My Encounters with '80s Porn Star Al Parker

What I Learned About Him—and Myself—After Painting His Portrait