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From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of April 26–May 2

Things to Do Music: April 19-25

Noteworthy Shows This Week

Things To Do Film: April 21-27

Cézanne et Moi, David Lynch: The Art Life, and the Portland EcoFilm Festival

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of April 19–25

Things to Do Comedy: April 2017

Funny Things to Do All Month Long

Things to Do Food: April 2017

How to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for April

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The Oregon Supreme Court Just Neutered a Controversial Police Tactic

Defense Attorneys and Civil Liberties Advocates Are Ecstatic

Chloe Eudaly Wants to Look Into A City-Owned Bank

Here’s What That Means

It’s Time to Decide the Fate of Our Schools (and Some Other Stuff Too)

Here’s How to Vote on Portland’s Hottest Ballot Measures

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Get Off David Crosby’s Lawn

The Legendary 75-Year-Old Songwriter Found Twitter (And We Are All in His Crosshairs)

Cram for the Kehlani Tsunami

Essential Songs by the Oakland-Raised R&B Singer

Whitney Ballen’s New EP Recognizes That Being Here Is Hard

The Seattle Musician’s Latest Is All About Leaving

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The Overlook Film Festival Shines

Horror Movies in the Woods? WHAT COULD GO WRONG

Hulu’s All-Too-Relevant Handmaid’s Tale

It Isn’t Terrifying Because It Could Happen. It’s Terrifying Because It Already Did

Starz’s Sumptuous and Slow American Gods

Gaiman, Gods, and Gay Genies

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Dialing in Chinese

Danwei Canting is Off to a Decent (If Not Amazing) Start

Aerating wine

Why You Should Get Some Air into Your Wine

The Missing Piece

Wares Brings Stability and Seriousness to the Zipper

Amazing New Places to Get Seriously Good Sandwiches

Also, a Hot Dog Is Not a Sandwich

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Resist... with Cannabis

Some Ideas for Cannabis Users to Help the Resistance

Just How Terrible Will Trump’s New Drug Czar Be?

His Name’s Tom Marino, and Pretty Terrible

Smoke Up... It's the Weed Issue!

Including Cleaning Your Bong, Minority-Owned Dispensaries, and Weed Fairies (They’re Real!)

Are Washington’s Edibles Stronger Than Oregon’s?

You’re Not Imagining It—They Are. Here’s Why.

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Sold Out

Rock & Rose Turns 10!

Portland’s Pretty

Hinds & Twin Peaks 

Sold Out

April Style Events: Design Week Portland, Marie Antoinette, and More

Portland’s Pretty

Back on the Flea Wagon

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Load Up Your Minimalist Calendar with the Mercury’s Design Week Picks

From the Art of Politics to Marie Antoinette’s Petticoats, There’s Something For Everyone

Here is Dame Darcy, Your Comics Queen

The World is Catching Up with Her—Just in Time for The Meat Cake Bible

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Seamus McGravy Grows Up

Jeremiah Coughlan's Patient Pursuit of Comedy Glory

Gout Jokes and Open-Carry Confusion with Kyle Kinane

There’s More to the Comedian Than Meets the Eye

Mommy Cobra

Catching Up with New Comedy Star (and Mother) Ali Wong

Fuck Politeness

My Favorite Murder Reclaims True Crime for Women

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The Book of Joan: Oh, Dear

Lidia Yuknavitch’s Sci-Fi Novel Misses the Mark, and We All Go Flying into the Void

Comics Artists Jeff Lemire Goes Further North in Roughneck

It’s a Story About Canada and Hockey and Snow—and a Return to Form for the Essex County Author

Slow Your Roll, Iron Fist—We’re Talking Esoteric Comics With Ron Regé Jr.

Also Discussed: Wonder Woman’s Goddess Origins and the Holy Grail

Tender Table Honors Food and Family

Inside the New Pop-up Storytelling Series

Theater »

Spiritrials Reveals the Reach of the War on Drugs

Dahlak Brathwaite Explores Racism in a Time of Mass Incarceration

Andrea Stolowitz’s Journey Will Jolt You Awake

Charting Genocide, Diaspora, and Family Histories in Berlin Diary

Reviving the Horror and Humanity of Medea

Imago Brings the Classic Play to Its Famous “Floating” Stage

Feature »

Obamacare Lives to See Another Day, But the GOP Could Still Fuck with Your Health Care

Here’s How It Might Happen—and Why the Improbable Beauty of Republican Incompetence Should Give You Hope

Smoke Up... It's the Weed Issue!

Including Cleaning Your Bong, Minority-Owned Dispensaries, and Weed Fairies (They’re Real!)