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Things To Do Film: August 11-17

This Week: An American Werewolf in London, Jackie Chan, and the Worst Movie Ever Made, Space Jam

From Slacktivism to Activism

Resistance Events for the Week of August 16-22

Things to Do Music: August 9-15

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Things to Do Comedy: August 2017

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Things to Do Food: August 2017

How to Eat, Drink, and Be Merry for the Month of August

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The Punch Policy

Portland Police Disavow Trump’s Pro-Brutality Speech—Then Argue It’s Okay to Punch Suspects in the Face

Portlanders Just Forced Changes to Contentious Police Oversight Proposals

But the Outcome Is Still Up in the Air

Portland’s New Police Chief

She’s Respected by Civil Rights Advocates

Hall Monitor: The End of Saltzman’s Easy Streak?

One of Next Year’s Council Races Is Shaping Up to Be a Doozy

Music »

Heavy Rotation: Golden Retriever’s Spellbinding New LP

The Duo Makes Experimental But Deeply Human Music

The Best Moments of Pickathon 2017

Steve Earle’s Got Some Stories

On His New Record, the Honky-Tonk Hero Embraces His Outlaw Roots

Bomba Estéreo’s Electric Fusions Unite the Past and Present

The Band’s New Album, Ayo, Honors Their Indigenous Roots

Film »

The Dark Pulp of Taylor Sheridan’s Wind River

Starring Jeremy Renner as a Guy Who Doesn’t Say Much

All Hail The Midwife’s Queens of French Cinema

Catherine Deneuve and Catherine Frot Should Be in Every Movie!

Old-Timey Horror in Annabelle: Creation

Welcome to the Doll House.

Things To Do Film: August 11-17

This Week: An American Werewolf in London, Jackie Chan, and the Worst Movie Ever Made, Space Jam

Food and Drink »

East European Wines on the Rise

Obscure Wines That Might Just Blow Your Mind

Sipping on Clouds

Beat the Heat with Egg White Cocktails—No, Really!

Eat This!

Dem Doe Donuts Doe

Cerveza, Oregon-Style

Locally Made Mexican-Style Beers Are Great for Beating Summer Heat

Cannabis »

Put a Little Bong in Your Vaporizer

The Hydrology9 Vaporizer Combines the Best of Both Worlds

When Will Federal Prohibition of Weed End?

Booker’s Marijuana Justice Act Is a Good Omen

Dank Drinks

Trying Out Level+’s Cannabis Infused Beverages

Jeff Sessions Really Had a Bad Week

A Bi-Partisan Group of Senators Stuck It to Our “Beleaguered” Attorney General

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What You May Have Missed at the Alley 33 Fashion Event

A Play-by-Play—with Pictures!—of the Outdoor Fashion Show

Portland’s Pretty

Free Speech: Live Storytelling featuring Summer Lovin’

Sold Out

August Style Events

Portland’s Pretty

Heavy Hitters at the New Know 

Visual Art »

Her Own Wings Remakes a Local Icon

At Land Gallery, Visions of the Portlandia That Could Have Been

At Elizabeth Leach Gallery, No More Boring Art

John Baldessari’s Picaresque Conceptual Work Comes to Portland

Fischli and Weiss Meets Clarissa Explains It All

Please Enjoy Killjoy Collective’s Cheeky Resistance

Books »

Sherman Alexie Canceled His Book Tour. You Should Still Read His Book.

You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me Is a Powerful Work of Witness and Experimentation

Tongues’ New God Flow

Portland’s Anders Nilsen Debuts a New Comic, With Greek Drama, God Drama, and Strange Wars

Meet Me in the Bathroom and New York’s Last Gasp of Cool

Lizzy Goodman’s Oral History Falls Prey to the Format’s Shortcomings

Nicole Georges’ Dog Star

Fetch Is For Anyone Who’s Ever Really Loved A Dog

Theater »

In Our Hot, Choked City, Third Rail’s Lungs Resonates

Just Don’t Read the Program First.

Dancing On My Own

How Political Anxiety Turned Me into a Late-Onset Ballerina

Feature »

An Excerpt from Fetch: How A Bad Dog Brought Me Home

Nicole Georges on Her Lovable, Cranky Pup

When Cats ATTACK!

They Are Probably Just Scared, Says Horror Cartoonist and Attack Survivor Julia Gfrörer

Cat Party!

Getting Twisted with My Feline Friends

Best Practices for Small Pig Adoption

How to (Ethically) Achieve Your Dream of Getting a Small Swine Companion