It seems the Timbers aren't the only Oregon team with a chainsaw-wielding gentleman roaming the sidelines.

I spotted this logging-industy-inspired mascot just off the field during Saturday's Oregon State football opener, proof that although Timbers may be in the middle of a 13-day layoff between matches, their influence on the state's sports scene never rests:


Oregon State, whose Benny Beaver mascot (nature's engineers!) at one time wielded a cardboard cutout of a saw, has long employed a ear-splitting-chainsaw-buzz sound effect during crucial third-down plays when OSU is on defense. But for the first time, it seems they've rolled out an actual person with an actual saw to rile up the crowd—a spectacle Timbers fans are all too familiar with.

OK, I get it: Beavers chop down trees. Loggers chop down trees. I guess it works.

Unfortunately for Beaver believers, Oregon State was as toothless their new mascot's tool in an embarassing defeat to lower-division Sacramento State. The Timbers, meanwhile, are back in action at 4:30 pm on Saturday, when Portland travels to Philly to face the shorthanded Union.

Another shot of the Joey-inspired mascot after the jump.

The faded orange helmet is a nice touch, but without a log to cut, OSU's mascot was relegated to walking toward the field with his saw raised and revved. When Stanford's mascot comes to town, things could get interesting.