It's been about five hours since the Portland police made their intentions clear in the original Occupy Portland encampment. Now, Occupiers have left SW Main St between 4th and 5th Avenues to move to Pioneer Courthouse Square. The next step for the trusty sleep-deprived and cold occupiers: Deciding where to transport their camp. Washington High School football field, Waterfront Park, Pioneer Courthouse Square and the PSU Park Blocks are the options. Turns out tearing down tents and tarps does little to break up the occupation. Meanwhile, Chapman and Lownsdale Parks are completely evacuated of people and debris and surrounded by chain link fences.

Update 7 PM: Denis here. I ran into four of today's arrested occupiers at the Starbucks at Pioneer Square, where I'm trying to charge my phone/computer for a change. Two were the only people, they say, arrested at Schrunk—and they were cited and released almost immediately for failure to obey a lawful order.

Only one was attached to the barrel. The other was with her in solidarity. But the girl who was attached said she almost suffered an injury to her arm when Federal Protective Services officers tried to jackhammer away the concrete she was locked to, and had someone bring the key.

The other two were arrested in Chapman Square and also were quickly cited and released. They said they all rode in the same TriMet bus to jail and sang Tenacious D songs, which made the arresting officers laugh. A far cry from the grim scene that saw riot cops brusquely pushing middle aged men and women standing peacefully in the closed park during an Occupy general assembly meeting.//

Here's a video I made of Occupy's first response to the riot police invasion on Chapman Park:

Here's a collection of police-centric photos from the day. For up-to-date covera, follow our current news squad (Denis Theriault, Matt Bors, and Alex Z) on Twitter. Into the night!

  • Peace signs vs. the po-po.

  • Policewoman with a tear gas gun stretches on her tip toes.

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Bike cops doing their thing.
  • Bike cops doing their thing.
police in riot gear block entry to the parks.
  • Police in riot gear block entry to the parks.