Slangy visits with Trivia Cat.
  • Slangy visits with Trivia Cat.

Continuing my Blogtown series, where I peruse my favorite book in the world, the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume I, A-G by J.E. Lighter.

This week's slang is brought to you by the letter "G."

girlesk n. Jocular. burlesque that features stripteasers or the like.
1942: "Of all the 'girlesk shows' we exhibited... the most popular... was Lottie Mayer's Disappearing Water Ballet."

golden doughnut n. Jocular. the vulva and vagina.
1972: "We'll be in like Flynn... We'll thread the eye of the old golden doughnut—no worries.

goof-butt n. Narcotic. a marijuana cigarette. Also goofy-butt.
1943 Time: "'Cigarets made from it are... goof-butts... giggle-smokes, or reefers... Commonly they blast the goof-butt collectively."

grog watch n. Jocular. (see quote)
1898: "A watch fast and always ahead of time so that the hour for taking a drink will come quicker."

Oh boy, next week we move on to Volume II!