Well, this is charming. Here's a film shot in 1971 on black-and-white 16mm film by Portland filmmaker Tim Smith when he was 15 years old. It's called This Is Portland, and aside from being a goofy spoof of a travelogue, it's an immaculate visual time capsule of the city more than 40 years ago.

Here's what Smith has to say about the video:

This Is Portland... [is] a direct spoof of a little known couple named Don and Bettina who were known for a series of travelogs. The two of them (I vaguely remember) produced fairly amateur films about travel—with crude sound and kitschy music. This short is in part dedicated to their memory. Note: this is Portland in 1971, when Portland was a dumpy little town with nothing in particular except offering a safe place to raise a family. My brother Duncan (now deceased) is featured as the character in the tuxedo along with his date in evening dress, Elinor Markgraf.
There's a lot to enjoy here—and check out Tim Smith's other films, shot in Portland decades ago, on his YouTube channel.