Word has been spreading that beloved NE watering hole Tiga is going to close, after the owner of a planned Southern breakfast joint (Laura Rhoman of Muscadine) spilled the beans about her plans to take over the lease of the space and open at the start of October. A drop-in last night indicated that Tiga's many fans are soaking it in until that day becomes reality, with a packed-in crowd that sprawled out across the generous front patio. According to owner Maryam Troncelliti, nothing is official yet (it seems somebody jumped the gun—awwwkwarrrrd), though the combination of an expected rent hike and the retreat of former like-minded neighbor Revival Drum Shop is priming a change in era. A new location for the bar is unlikely, though Troncelliti wouldn't rule that out of Tiga's future entirely.

I like Southern food alright, but if/when Tiga disappears it'll leave a void that another brunch queue can't quite fill, leaving the population of 20- and 30-somethings in the immediate neighborhood without a convenient option for relatively cheap late-night drinks and solid food (those who seek it out as a destination to spot the Portland Famous DJing can just head to Beech Street). The best poised candidates to inherit the niche might be the Bye & Bye or the Hilt to the north (I would argue that not every night is a "let's hang out on Alberta" night, though), but without Tiga that swath of residential northeast south to… what, Broadway (?!) is gonna be a dead zone for casual neighborhood bars. Long and short: If you have any affection for Tiga, visit it for a cold one before the summer's out.

Oh! And if you stole this piece of art out of the bathroom last week, there's still time to return it, you fucking ingrate:

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