Kalah Allen
Dude, I stole your car!

On Friday, Oct 26, I stole your red Jeep SUV from the Kennedy School parking lot. I met some friends there that night, and soon went to pick up my girlfriend. I called her at her job, and she told me that she would be getting off work soon, but couldn't get a ride. When I informed my friends of this, one of them threw me his keys (I had arrived on the bus) and said, "It's the red Jeep parked in front." I walked out the door, and there sat his car directly in front of me. The car cranked right up, and I drove to my girlfriend's workplace across town. After I picked her up, I put 15 bucks worth of gas in the car and returned to the Kennedy School a little more than an hour after I'd left. My friends and I enjoyed a full night of drinking, and at closing time, the same friend who loaned me his car offered my girlfriend and I a ride home. My girlfriend and I walked straight to the car we had gotten out of a few hours earlier, while my friend and his girlfriend headed for a different, yet similar looking vehicle. That's when we realized we'd taken the wrong red Jeep! Car manufacturers make only a certain amount of different keys per model and duplicate them over and over again. My friend's keys happened to match yours. So that is why your car was not in the space you parked it in, had the driver's seat adjusted further back, the radio changed from buttrock to jazz, and a full tank of gas. Thanks for the ride!--Anonymous