Portland haze-synth-rock-wave band Blouse (Christ, I should never be asked to describe a band ever) have announced their second album. It's called Imperium and it's out on September 17 on Captured Tracks. That's the album cover up there (proposed alternate title: Bust-ed... get it??... hello??), and I'll post the track list after the jump.

For the 10 songs of Imperium, as the press release says, "the Portland trio discarded the synths and unplugged their instruments, translating into a more upfront and assertive Blouse." You can hear that new approach in the strumming of the new single, "No Shelter," which starts off sounding like a casual demo before building into an intriguing, if slightly unsettling production, bearing a sense of tensely potential freedom, like a tethered hot air balloon pulling forcefully against creaking ropes. Unlike the first Blouse album, there are no drum machines or "instruments that plug into the wall" on Imperium. Apparently there was construction going on next door to the studio while they were recording, and while we're spared the 34-minute sonic experimental track "Excruciating Sound of Power Drill through a Muffled Wall," it does seem like that element of flux and transformation lent itself to the record.

Listen to "No Shelter," why don't you?

Blouse - Imperium

1. Imperium
2. Eyesite
3. 1000 Years
4. In a Glass
5. Capote
6. A Feeling Like This
7. No Shelter
8. Happy Days
9. Arrested
10. Trust Me