All Music Events on Thursday 10/19

Blue Lotus, High Council Music

LaurelThirst Public House Northeast

Karaoke From Hell, Ruby Howl, Jody & Nick Music

The Know Northeast

Ariel Pink, Telecaves Music

Revolution Hall Southeast $26.75-31.75

Mr. Elevator, Camera Music

The Liquor Store Southeast $8

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Maria Usbeck, Cool Maritime Music

Doug Fir Southeast $13-15

Doug Martsch, Sam Coomes, Otis Crook Music

All Ages

The Old Church Southwest $20

Fernando, Arrows in Orbit, Wonderly Music

Turn! Turn! Turn! North

Free the Jester, Deschamp, You Know Nothing, Guillotine Necktie Music

The Lombard Pub North Free

Tim Reynolds Music

Bossanova Ballroom Southeast $18

Hanson Music

All Ages

Aladdin Theater Southeast $40

Listener, Levi The Poet, Comrades, Everett Music

All Ages

The Analog Cafe and Little Theater Southeast $13-16

GRiZ, Opiuo, Muzzy Bear Music

All Ages

Roseland Northwest $29.50

Devoured by Flowers, Patrick Ogle Music

The Lovecraft Southeast $5

Token, Samuel the 1st Music

All Ages

Hawthorne Theatre Southeast $12-15

Radio Phoenix Music

Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge North Free

Elettrodomestico Music

White Eagle North $15-18

Phutureprimitive, Papadosio Music

Star Theater Downtown $25

Fall Launch Party Music

Bridge & Burn Downtown

Marquis Hill Blacktet Music

Fremont Theater Northeast $20-25

Seshollowaterboyz Music

Crystal Ballroom Downtown $29.50

Grateful Bluegrass Boys Music

Goodfoot Southeast $8

Gangus, Hapa, Tone, Ĺ uma Music

Paris Theater Downtown $5

Kory Quinn, Eric Schwiterman, Kris DeeLane, Mike D Music

Dante's Downtown $5

Starshine Black Music

The Spare Room Northeast Free

The Viles, Saint Jack's Parade, Crush Hazard, U.S. Wage Slaves Music

Ash Street Saloon Downtown

Slutty Hearts, Latter Day Skanks, The Exorcists Music

The Fixin' To North $5

Annie Hart, Madeline Kenney, Johanna Warren Music

Holocene Southeast $12-14

Marty O'Reilly, Hanna Haas Music

Mississippi Studios North $12-14

Kandace Springs Music

Jack London Revue Downtown $22-25

Post-Punk Discotheque Music

Killingsworth Dynasty North

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