Portland Film Festival

The Portland Film Festival enters its fifth year with a slew of films you’ve likely never heard of before (and likely won’t hear of again), along with workshops, panels, and networking parties. Judging by PFF’s previous years, the films won’t be much to write home about—PFF often feels less like a film fest and more like a precious parade of vanity projects—but this year the screenings are at a centralized location (the Laurelhurst), with features, docs, and shorts alongside repertory screenings of movies both respected (My Own Private Idaho) and... not (Short Circuit). Questionable quality aside, it’s worth noting that this year, PFF did something too few festivals do: Put an emphasis on selecting work from women filmmakers. Still, if that matters to you—and it should—you’re better off waiting until March for the Portland Oregon Women’s Film Festival. More at portlandfilmfestival.com.


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