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Jan 20 altogetherPDX commented on Too Many Big Macs....
He is also pretty old. He is 70, not that I care but it was a big deal that Bernie was 72. Bernie is probably in much better shape. Oh well.
Jan 16 altogetherPDX commented on Dog Piss.
Dog is de-icing with urea.
Jan 2 altogetherPDX commented on Bringing Up Cost with a Tattooed Person = Dunce.
No one has asked me either of these questions about my tattoos in years...
Dec 18, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on Your Cartopia Doesn't Exist.
I would like to know the rule, official or not, on this. People often honk at me, or more bewildering, pass behind me as I am backing out. And these are always non-neighbors. I believe if at least be axle was in the street when they showed up, they can wait a literal minute.
Nov 22, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on You Don't Know About Industry, So Quit Acting.
I agree. That Bullseye Glass nonsense was too much even for this environmentalist. Quit meat, don't fly, preferably don't have more than be kid, then complain about some scant trace of pollution emission.
Nov 11, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on Hit Trump Where It Hurts.
I am hoping it hurts that he lost everywhere that matters, DC, Hawaii, the West Coast, his beloved New York... he doesn't have Texas to run to like Bush did. He will have to vacation in Moscow.
Oct 28, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on Dear Protesters.
That protest was comedy gold, your post is drama and old.
Oct 27, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on The Bundy Brothers Were Just Ruled Not Guilty.
More 2016 awesome
Oct 24, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on The Know Has Found a New Home: the Old Blackbird.
What about Don Pancho's? have they found a new location?
Oct 8, 2016 altogetherPDX commented on LEASH Your Fucking Dog.
I agree. Unfortunately, these jerks will only learn the hard way.