Feb 25 xauen commented on Roughed UP.
Interesting. So, arrested automatically equals "criminal," complying with law enforcement = "a crime," large fit heavily-armed and armored adults in their prime punching old ladies in the face = "lawful arrest," having one foot off the curb is the equivalent of holding someone's arms back and forcibly pepperspraying someone in the face, objecting to unjustified and excessive use of force and killing of unarmed individuals = "fostering division."

ydwhi isn't "alienated" by "intolerance of sympathizers," s/he just wants no dissent - and certainly isn't suggesting any effective way of creating police accountability. oj is transparently trolling.

I almost wasn't going to say anything because the comments are all horrible but, um, then you just get all horrible comments if I let that silence me.

Protesters committing civil disobedience involving breaking laws can reasonably expect to be arrested, NOT beat down and tortured.
Mar 20, 2016 xauen commented on Single Women Are a Political Force to Be Reckoned With.
Getting Big Stuff Places (or, increasingly, getting jobs as spurious physical requirements get tacked on) is a challenge for anyone who is physically less than top-percentile big 'n fit, doesn't have or can't afford a vehicle, or to rent one. Are women likelier to be nondrivers or have no vehicle? I can only answer that anecdotally as "somewhat." We sure have that big earnings gap.
Mar 14, 2016 xauen commented on How College Students and Veterans of the Occupy Movement Shut Down Trump in Chicago.
https://www.rt.com/usa/335398-trump-defe… His followers are forming a "militia" to "protect from leftist protestors." I don't know how much uglier this can get.