The Foot Fist Way is consistently funny, and occasionally hilarious, and within three months, you're going to want to kill anyone who brings it up. That's just the way it goes with things like these—be they Napoleon Dynamite or Borat or anything with Dave Chappelle. They come out, they're funny, and then they're ruined—shattered into a thousand YouTube clips, poorly imitated at a billion water coolers—and films that were once hilarious become useful only as a metric for determining who you'll never talk to again because they won't stop with shit like, "Shall we shag now or shall we shag later, baby! Wahwahweewa! Rick James, bitch!" Ad fucking infinitum.

I'm pretty sure that's where The Foot Fist Way is headed, too, which is too bad, because for what it is—a dark, weird, and clever lo-fi comedy—the film's pretty great. The Foot Fist Way's simultaneous hero and villain is dumbass Fred Simmons (Danny McBride), an oblivious tae kwon do instructor who drives a cheesy convertible and fights with his skanky wife Suzie (Mary Jane Bostic). When Fred finds out Suzie's been giving out handjobs like they were Halloween candy, he takes out his anger by beating the crap out of the little kids he teaches karate to—until his personal hero, kung fu movie star Chuck "The Truck" Wallace (Ben Best), shows up, and Fred gears up for the fight of his life. In the meantime: a lot of deadpan dialogue, some great one-liners, and a cast of largely repugnant characters who're nevertheless a lot of fun to watch.

The Foot Fist Way might be more famous for its backstory than its plot: "Discovered" by Will Ferrell and his producing partner Adam McKay, the low-budget comedy's getting wide release largely based on Ferrell's stamp of approval. And while the film might not be the work of genius that early buzz has made it out to be (McBride's great performance aside, the whole affair carries a tone of desperate quirkiness), it's definitely worth checking out. Just do it soon, before you start hearing all the best lines shouted by an annoying dude wearing a McLovin T-shirt.