Portlanders have a terrible relationship with Estacada. We fear it as a symbol of the black-hole suburban nowhere that we fled and fear someday being forced to return to. The only way to get over your fear of Estacada is to delve straight into the heart of the place, which is exactly the plan for the inaugural Estacada Safari Ride. The bike ride, which starts at—OH MY GOD—8 am on Thursday, June 14, will reveal to Portlanders the lovable gem beaming at the center of Estacada: the Legendary Safari Club! Ride organizers Carye Bye and Marina Mont'Ros fell in love with Legendary Safari Club this past winter when they rode down in their "best" animal prints to see if the rumors they had heard were true. The pair was not disappointed: The eccentric Chinese restaurant is stuffed with a mind-blowing menagerie of taxidermy animals. Now both organizers refer to one another as "cheetah" in passing conversation. I have no idea what kind of linguistic reclaiming they are doing but I am in total support of it.

Ride details at pedalpalooza.org