Photo by Robbie Augspurger

Dear Portland,

According to the city's transportation nerds, 50 percent of you are "interested but concerned" when it comes to bikes. We live in the #1 best bike city in the country (SUCK IT, MINNEAPOLIS!), but biking can still seem scary—like it requires technical know-how or some sort of expensive shorts. We're here to help you conquer your fears. After reading our guide, you'll not only know how to obtain one of these famed bicycles, but how to use your bike to carry a dog, make money, get married, and transform into a Star Wars pilot. Our 2012 Bike Issue marks the start of June's totally free, totally ridiculous bike festival Pedalpalooza—shake off those jitters and join at least one of the month's rides. There are over 250 to choose from. So buck up!

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