Bill Sizemore is going to jail! Again! The man behind the anti-tax ballot measures that have overhauled Oregon's tax code in the past decade (like Measure 47) was sentenced to 30 days in Marion County jail last week for failing to file his own taxes for three years. The politico also spent time in Multnomah County jail in 2008 for illegal campaign finance activities. SARAH MIRK

You're not alone in being unable to hail a cab: Portland has less taxis—and they're more expensive—than many similar-size cities, according to some new number crunching from Northwest environmental think tank Sightline. Portland has a cap on the number of cabs permitted to roam the streets, allowing 0.7 taxis per 1,000 residents. Seattle offers twice as many taxis per 1,000. The taxi drought contributes to Portland's higher than average cab fare ($16.50 per five miles). Cabs are a factor of green transport, as they replace family cars and fill the transit gaps between bus routes. ALEX ZIELINSKI

Portland's city council races are heating up—or at least the candidates' war chests are. Randy Leonard's endorsed successor Steve Novick has raised $103,133 as of this week. Amanda Fritz challenger Mary Nolan has hauled in $37,543. SM