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RE: "Change" [I, Anonymous, June 7], in which an anonymous author posits that having an Obama bumper sticker is "sooo 2008."

TO THE DUMB FUCK stoner anarchist who wrote this week's I, Anonymous: PUT THE PIPE DOWN! For one thing, the Iraq War is over and the Afghanistan War is winding down, set for pulling out within the next year and a half. Guantánamo Bay is unfortunate, but does not negate the many accomplishments of the Obama administration. You say that Portlanders are more informed about politics than most other people, but clearly you are not among them.

-Proud Obama Supporter

Is Obama perfect? No. We don't have a choice, whether you like it or not, whether you like Obama or not: He is the only choice.

-posted by Captain Amerigo

@Captain Amerigo: We've been hearing that same crap for decades. You're using the same lesser-of-two-evils politics of fear to get a lot of people to accept that they can never really get anything they're demanding as citizens, that we can never have anything better than a centrist Democrat who's a pushover and refuses to look at ANY of the underlying reasons things are so fucked up.

-posted by geyser


RE: "Checking in on Mr. Tasty" [Last Supper, June 7], in which the notoriously long lines at Chef John Gorham's Tasty n Sons are revisited to make sure it's still worth the wait.

Food and drinks are awesome. What's less awesome: (1) Very little food at a Gorham establishment is veg-friendly. (2) "The food comes out as it is ready" is definitely ludicrous, and has led to some pretty awkward meals there. (3) The three credit card maximum rule is applied even to large tables! I brought 14 people there and we were limited to three cards, which was a ridiculous pain in the ass considering how much we were spending. So it's a good thing the food is really good, because everything else about the place says, "We can treat you like nuisances rather than customers."

-posted by Commenty Colin


RE: "How to Bike Naked" [Feature, June 7], in which tips are given to survive and enjoy Portland's huge annual World Naked Bike Ride [WNBR] on June 16.

I blew a tire on the WNBR a few years ago, on NW 21st. No patch kit, AND I'd left my keys, wallet, and most of my clothes at the kickoff party site—and I was quite a long distance from home. VERY fortunately, a couple of bikers with better planning skills stopped and helped me and I rejoined the ride within a few minutes. (Heckling frat boys: Hilarious when you're moving and surrounded by hundreds of people, but kind of scary when it's just you and two other naked-ish people trying to fix a flat.) Anyway, WNBRers, if you end up needing any kind of help on the ride, ask for it as soon as you need it and accept it when it is offered. Even if you feel sheepish because you came unprepared or feel like you should know how to fix the problem in question on your own, it's way safer to be embarrassed for a few minutes than to get separated from the ride.

-posted by CMcCurdy

ACK CMcCURDY, that sounds like a bad dream come true! Thanks for the cautionary tale, and out of belated sympathy for your plight, we'd like to offer you two tickets to the Laurelhurst Theater, where you should be nice and safe and clothed while enjoying the feature.