SUPER TROOPERS is one of the best stoner comedies ever made. Sure, Broken Lizard—the collective responsible for that 2001 comedy about syrup-chugging police officers—has made other movies since (Beerfest, Club Dread), but none have met Super Troopers' level of cult success. Their newest, The Slammin' Salmon, continues in the sitcom vein of their previous work—it takes place behind the scenes at an upscale restaurant, a setting that provides ample opportunity for the sex, drug, and poop jokes that are this collective's chosen medium.

The restaurant's owner, former heavyweight champion Cleon Salmon (Michael Clarke Duncan), has announced that the restaurant will go out of business if it can't raise $20,000 in one night—so the restaurant's crew of attractive and witty servers compete to have the night's highest sales, while dealing with hurdles like a customer's misplaced wedding ring, first-degree facial soup burns, and an abusive chef (the fantastic Paul Soter, who perfectly channels the formless, bottomless rage of a line cook on a bad day). It's obvious the ensemble has racked up some serving experience over the years, because the details of the restaurant setting ring true.

Slammin' Salmon isn't good, exactly, but it's silly, harmless fun—best enjoyed, it probably goes without saying, with your substance of choice.