PICKING OUT the perfect stroller is as hard as selecting the perfect child. You want something that complements your lifestyle, achieves your dreams, and looks great at your mall-walking club. But you also don't want to break the bank.

2012 Toddler Trotter Collector's Edition ($9,999.74)

Ideal for those seeking flexibility. The TT has seats that can face any direction and convert easily into car seats, bike wagons, or mini tents for camping.

Buggymate Seatpal Eco ($9,999.16)

As you know, the sight of plastic can damage babies emotionally. For the Seatpal Eco, Buggymate opted for solid bamboo construction with reclaimed brass fittings. (Note: Not stable for jogging or brisk walking.)

BMW R-Series ($9,999.81)

This R-Series focuses on comfort with 13 adjustable cup holders. Six across the top (fits water bottles, Starbucks cups, or kombucha bottles), plus three for each of the babies (sippy cups, apple sauce, or kombucha) and room for the dog's kombucha.

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