OKAY, SO YOU KNOW black people? You know how they are? Okay, okay, what about Latino people? Funny, right? See, I just had the funniest idea for a movie... what if a black guy and a Latina got married?! HAHAHAHAHA! Can you fucking imagine?! The Mexican family would probably bring a goat to the wedding! And the goat would go through Forest Whitaker's drawers and eat his Viagra and Magnum condoms! Then the goat would hump the Last King of Scotland and Carlos Mencia would be all, "DURR DA DURRH!"

What? No! That's not broad racial humor! That same thing happens in a pivotal scene of Our Family Wedding? My friend, what you may call a collection of crude two-dimensional stereotypes wallowing in bland sentimentality, I call the welcome debut of the Whitaker/Mencia comedy duo!

When Mencia's buffoonish auto mechanic meets Whitaker's libidinous DJ he's all, "Don't call me 'ese,' brother!" And then Whitaker's like, "Don't call me 'brother,' vato!" And then someone's weave falls in the wedding cake. AHAHAHAHA! Wait, where are you going?