Sportswear heiress Annamarice Pike demonstrates her boundless capacity for charity while at the side of close pal and wind-power scion Mercedes Vexpa, who clearly knows how to give back what's been taken. The two charmed audiences as keynote speakers during a September 4 fundraising bash for Turn Down the Crate, an organization that provides down blanketing for underserved crate-trained Pomhuahuas.

Bernie Shillington's still got it! The oldest living majority shareholder of technology powerhouse Unintel powered down his fifth chenin blanc during the October 6 opening bash for the Lake Oswego Gardeners' Society's new thistle patch—thanks to the successful transplant of a liver donated by an anonymous political dissident in Beijing.

Northwest society vixen Clancy Warren hosted an early autumn 90th birthday party for her seventh husband, noted cosmetic surgery pioneer William "The Beak Buster" Warren. Guests enjoyed complimentary Sculptra injections over oysters Rockefeller and highballs.

After giving an impromptu speech in which he jokingly intimated that incest was key to keeping one's family name "in the black" and briefly pretended to lick his eldest daughter's collarbone—much to the crowd's amusement—venture capitalist Frank Ellison kept the laughs coming at the fifth annual Corporate Headhunters' Ball.

Roland Covington and wife Portia, left, helped celebrate the acceptance of Callahan Westwood, with wife Edie, right, into the 42nd degree of Masonhood on September 14. Later that evening, the wives were escorted off the premises in preparation for the new member's secret initiation trials. Sadly, he did not pass.

It was a wild bachelorette celebration for Lucinda Calloway on August 30, when she and pals toasted her impending marriage to real estate developer and second cousin Orson Arlington with a cross-town limo crawl and private entertainment in the bride's Benson Hotel suite.

Good Neighbor natural food store founders Jackie Eades, Carter Rutherford, Arthur Abernathy, and Ronnie Hollingsworth announced their October 15 buyout by national grocer Kroberg with a bottle of organic cava and an intimate bash at the Multnomah Athletic Club.