The Devils by Dostoevsky
Portland Center Stage,
1111 SW Broadway, 274-6588
Through Oct 22

The Devils: suitable for family viewing?

"It's definitely a family play. There's pedophilia, rape, assassination, execution, face biting, nose biting, cheek biting, and there's wrist biting as well. I'm bitten by a character called Nicholas Strovroken. My character is Andrè Lempke, who is a provincial governor."

Cronin on actors:

"For the most part, actors endure rejection at a rate that would kill most people in their SUVs. Rejection and self-doubt, paranoia, low pay, and long periods of unemployment, they accept all of this. Generally, they're quite sane, intelligent, talented, very insightful, and decent people. Why anybody with those gifts should take up this profession is beyond any explanation you could come up with on a rational level."

Cronin's take on new PCS director Chris Coleman:

"He's a good director. Coleman's one of those directors that gives you direction, but it doesn't seem like it's being imposed on you like some great industrial stamp. CLUNK, CLUNK, CLUNK. He evokes rather than 'impresses.'" At once and the same time, he holds very loose reins and yet he gets a hell of a lot of work done."

On theater reviews:

"There is nothing more corrosive as a failed actor or failed playwright acting as a theater critic. I don't bother to read the reviews. I'd rather do a crossword puzzle."

Other talents:

"I'm a paid medical and science writer. And I write poetry as another punishment for some sins of a former life. I also do a fair bit of carousing and enjoying myself in the company of like-minded people... whose names I can't remember right now."