Augen Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 224-8182

* Recet paitigs from Eugee artist Adam Grosowsky that operate from a foudatio i Reaissace paitig ad black ad white woodcut ad etchigs from Marylhurst istructor Moga Walker Through Ja 27

Basil Hallward Gallery at Powell's City of Books
1005 W Burnside St, 228-4651

* Starstruck, celebrity snapshots from superfan Gary Boas Through Jan 27

Blue Sky Photography Gallery
1231 NW Hoyt St, 225-0210

Post-Communist Photographs 1994-2000, an exhibition created by Bruce Haley that explores the daily life of peoples in five war-torn and formerly Soviet-controlled regions. Through Jan 27

1325 NE Fremont St, 280-8845

Winter Show, features narrative sculpture and Northwest oil landscapes from Chris Boyer, Ben Frank Moss, Thomas Rude, and Katherine Wells. Through Jan 31

Butters Gallery
520 NW Davis St, 248-9378

* Persistence: Collage, a group show featuring various approaches to collage, including work by Stephanie Weber and Terry Thompson. Through Jan 27

Dos Mil Gallery
820 N Russell, 493-9424

* A recet additio to the Portlad roster of veues Dos Mil presets Das Milch Das Schmekt The exhibit features paitigs by OSU grad Da ess whose work draws from elemets of sig advertisemet ad scree pritig Through Ja 15

Elizabeth Leach Gallery
207 SW Pine St, 224-0521

* Hurray for the Kitchen!, cast resin sculpture from M.K. Guth that illuminate domestic objects such as milk cartons and fruit adding up to form Guth's poetic exploration of "female sexuality and contemporary mythology". The gallery will also present recent monotypes and watercolors by Chicago-based artist David Kroll. Through Jan 27

Froelick Gallery
817 SW 2nd Ave, 222-1142

Winter Group Exhibit featuring new work by gallery artists, including Mike Shea, Paul Arensmeyer, and Susan Seubert. Through Jan 21

Gallery Untitled
723 NW 18th, 222-1822

Artist Keri Perot presents abstract black and white photography of images projected on the human body. Through Jan 30

Gottlieb Gallery
55 SW Taylor, 241-1070

Nightscapes, paintings of urban, architectural realism by local painter Guy Gilary. Through Jan 27

Guardino Gallery
2939 NE Alberta, 281-9048

Sculptors Cheryl C and Teresa Sullivan take over the gallery in a deluge of whimsy. Cheryl C constructs bright and bizarre figurative scenes, as well as mirroring the theme in pastel drawings. Teresa Sullivan considers herself a sculptural bead artist, and presents bead jewelry as well as small scaled sculptures. Through Jan 23

5340 N Interstate Ave, 788-8357

Paintings by Willow Zheng born from training in both Chinese and Western styles. Through Jan 27

L & B Viewing Room
1714 NW Overton 2 Flr, 241-4144

Paper Invitational, a group show featuring five artists who use paper as their primary source for the creation of their work. The exhibit will include drawings, prints, handmade books, and installation. Opens Jan 10

Laura Russo Gallery
805 NW 21st Ave, 226-2754

* Iflueced by such art world divas as Eva *esse ad Louise Bourgoise Portlad ative Joa Livigstoe presets fuel shaped sculptures made from felt ad rubber Mary Josephso displays Flora a collectio of collages ad small paitigs ad Michihiro Kosuge offers a array of richlycolored paitigs o paper Through Ja 27

Marylhurst Art Gym
17600 Pacific Hwy., 699-6243

* Exponential 4 Huge Paintings, featuring work from Michael Knutson, Philip Krohn, Whitney Nye, and Jeffrey Simmons. Showing in Gallery 2 is Cul-de-Sac, new work from Sean Healy. Through Feb 15

Nil Contemporary Art
328 NW Broadway #114, 221-3182

* Joh Jekis arrives from Sa Fracisco with a bevy of miimalist cavases i had *is work arises from the highlight ad distortio of photography ad is iflueced by the music of Bria Eo ad cotemporary trace artists Through Ja 25

Onda Gallery
2215 NE Alberta St, 493-1909

The gallery continues to barrel through an international roster, presenting work this month from Carme Bassa, a noted painter from Barcelona, and installation work from Brian Kennedy of Northern Ireland. Through Jan 23

Pacific Northwest College of Art
1241 NW Johnson, 226-4391

* Swigert Commos will host BooArt 2001 a display of artistic styligs from the wealth of voluteers who help keep KBOO alive The exhibit icludes paitig sculpture video ad more For a schedule of performaces ad evets call 2318032 ext 508 Through Ja 27

604 NW 12th Ave, 222-0063

Abstract work on paper and mixed media by six different artists, including drawings on silk by Nancy Lorenz. Through Feb 3rd

Photographic Image
240 SW 1st Ave, 224-3543

The Century in Times Square, a selection of vintage photographs from the New York Times archives. Through Jan 27

Plain Jane
2936 NE Alberta St, 528-9691

Humankinds Lost Touch of Reality, acrylic, oil and gouche on found objects and canvas by Brett Superstar. Through Jan 23

Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
219 NW 12th, 242-1419

* Minimalist paintings by Kate Shepherd. Through Feb 11

S.k. Josefburg gallery
403 NW 11th Ave, 241-9112

* Work from Magnum photographer Ron Van Dongen. Through Feb 24.

American institute of architects
315 SW 4th Ave, 223-8757

Unbuilt Moments, six famous, never constructed architectural marvels, presented as hyper-realistic computer graphics. Through Jan 27.