Photographer Marne Lucas is back with another show: Amusement is a series of color prints from her worldly travels, but in the Homestar back room, she delivers what you know you really want—a suite of her latest pinup girl pics. Homestar, 4747 SE Hawthorne, Opens Fri 7-10 pm; closes Jan 31

Oblivious Peninsulas
Could this be Anna Fidler's breakout exhibition? Known for her landscapes made of collaged paper, she has pushed her technique to envelop more three-dimensional forms. Fidler has also spent the past year collaborating with Phillip Cooper on a film set in the Chaco Canyon area of New Mexico, Ken's Lake in Utah, and Oregon's Diamond Crater lava beds. The Super 8 film finds the artist creating an installation of felt across the landscape in stop-animation and time-lapse cinematography. Still not enough for you? Then pick up Fidler and Cooper's band's, The Sensualists, new CD. Then go home and start working on your own solo exhibition packed with this much new work. Pulliam Deffenbaugh, 929 NW Flanders, 228-6665, Through Dec 30

People in Places
In support of Habitat for Humanity's Lents Neighborhood Project, tons of Portland's leading older-generation photographers, such as Stu Levy, Christopher Rauschenberg, Ann Ploeger, and Jim Lommasson, have donated prints—all to be sold at less than $200—to benefit the cause. Good cause, good artists, cheap prices—what else do you need? Lents Town Center, 5716 SE 92nd, Opens Fri 6-9 pm, continues Sat-Sun, noon-5 pm, Fri $10, Sat-Sun free

Visual Vitrol
Punk rock was always as much (if not more) about an image as it was about music, and this exhibition, organized by David Ensigmer, publisher of Left of the Dial, illustrates this point with a plethora of punk posters from across the globe. Drawing from Ensigmer's collection of over 3,300 historic posters from the punk scene, the walls of Green Noise will be covered in vintage posters from every punk band you ever loved, including heavyweights Black Flag, Fugazi, the Minutemen, the Circle Jerks, Butthole Surfers, etc, etc, etc. Green Noise Records, 2615 SE Clinton, Opens Fri, 6-9 pm; closes Dec 31