Carl de Keyzer
One of the great living photojournalists, Carl de Keyzer traveled to Siberian prison camps over the course of three years, and returned with images that were completely different than what he expected when he began his project. Instead of gritty torture chambers, he found startlingly vibrant makeshift amenities: a converted discotheque, a tennis court, huge murals, and wooden windmills. de Keyzer's photographs of the camp are incredible, and he'll be in town this Saturday night to talk about his experiences making them. Blue Sky Photography Gallery, 1231 NW Hoyt, 225-0210, through Oct 28; closing reception Sat 6:30 pm, lecture 7:30 pm, free

Dana Puntar
Brooklyn-based sculptor Dana Puntar uses mass-market design materials (think IKEA furniture) in combination with harder-to-contain natural forms like logs, fires, and stones. For An Hour on the Sun, Puntar presents wood and foam sculptures that glow in the dark, and every week, the gallery will have nocturnal viewings where you can witness these eerie, glowing, foam-and-laminate creations for yourself. small A projects, 1430 SE 3rd, 234-7993, through Nov 11; nightviewing on Thurs Oct 26, 6 pm

Growing Stories
New media artist MK Guth continues to mine the subtexts and create reinterpretations of classic fairy tales in her new exhibition. This time, she turns her sights on the legend of Rapunzel, with a new five-minute video and sculpture. Elizabeth Leach Gallery, 417 NW 9th, 224-0521, through Oct 28

Pierre Huyghe
"This Is Not a Time for Dreaming" originated when Huyghe was commissioned to create a work to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Harvard University's Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, the only building designed by the architect Le Corbusier in the United States. The result was this 24-minute video in the form of a live puppet show, in which Le Corbusier's frustration in working with administrators to realize his vision is paralleled with Huyghe's own stifled attempts to complete his commemorative commission. (John Motley) Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park, 226-2811, through Jan 1

Vanessa Renwick
This week's Monday Night MFA Lecture Series brings us Portland filmmaker Vanessa Renwick, whose tough, evocative, nonfiction films have been one of the Northwest's best-kept secrets for far too long. Fifth Avenue Cinema, 510 SW Hall, Mon, 8:15 pm, free