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In An Ever-Changing City, A New Venture Brings Artists and Freelancers Together Outside the 9 to 5 Grind



Exciting opportunity, but all of this physical descriptors Akasha Lawrence-Spence are unnecessary and gender bias writing. It's fashion magazine writing 101 and at this point in our history entrepreneurial women deserve to be treated with more depth. Had this article been written about a male contemporary doing the same work it's unlikely that you would have spent the same amount of time highlighting his style accomplishments - which have little to do with the rest of the article.


"It certainly helps her cause that Lawrence-Spence is a magnetic force. She’s stylish, witty, confident, and never fails to pull together an outfit that looks elegant and expensive from thrifted finds and repurposed materials. She wears big gold-framed glasses reminiscent of Iris Apfel and dons a different hairstyle almost every time I see her."

If we wish to see changes in the world in how women are viewed and therefore treated in the business world then these things matter.

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