It’s Pickathon week and if you’re going, you’re either making your list of stuff to do or you’re that person that doesn’t make lists because of freedom and eagles, etc. And if you aren’t going to Pickathon you probably feel like shut up about Pickathon, but WAIT. Some of the stand-up comedians hitting the late-night Lucky Barn (Friday and Saturday at Pendarvis Farm) are also performing on Sunday in Portland at the Siren Theater for a special one-off show. So this is relevant info, especially if you want to catch up with former Portlander and hilarious stand-up queenAmy Miller was Portland’s Funniest Person in 2015, after all—on a rare visit from her poolside digs in LA.

In 2016, Miller left Portland for LA, where she’s been doing tons of stand-up and talking to comedians about religion on her podcast with John Michael Bond, Who’s Your God? “We just had Wanda Sykes on!” Miller says. “It was nuts.” This is her sixth time attending Pickathon, and her third year curating the festival’s comedy showcase. “Truly Pickathon is the only music festival I can tolerate,” Miller says. “I love that it’s never too crowded or chaotic. I’ve never had a panic attack at Pickathon. This is the biggest selling point for me.”

Miller is also the reason Pickathon has a comedy component at all. She pitched them on it. “I saw every other music festival in the world adding comedy,” Miller says. “Pickathon entrusted me to book some locals, and some out-of-towners. This year we’re expanding to two nights and adding some longer headlining sets. Portland should be absolutely HONORED to be able to see this lineup. It’s crazy.”

It’s also crazy (good) to see LA comedian David Gborie (the G is silent) joining Miller for the festival lineup, though it’s no surprise. The two frequently hat-tip their bestie friendship during stand-up stories of wild partying. Gborie is a regular on Ian Karmel’s podcast All Fantasy Everything, and he always gives me laugh tears from his gross-out tales of drastic, drunken nights gone wrong. This is his first year at Pickathon and he sounds content to “roam the fest in a novelty tank top, drinking coldbeers (pronounced as one word).”

Gborie, Miller, and LA comedian Chris Charpentier are party-car-ing it up (14 hours!), picking up shows in Salem and Seattle before and after. Plus, they’ll be joined by New Yorker Joe DeRosa, Portland comedian Shain Brenden, and 2017’s Funniest Person Caitlin Weierhauser.