Here's the surprising news from the last three days: "It was a very peaceful weekend," reports Mary Wheat, spokeswoman of the Portland Police Department. What? An estimated 5,000 people rode their bikes naked through the center of the city Saturday night, dancing in an abandoned warehouse until the sun rose at which point GLBT folks and friends flooded downtown and shut down Broadway for a parade. AND NO ONE WAS ARRESTED?! What is this city coming to?! Where my tasers at?!

The police definitely deserve some of the credit for the zero incident PedalPalooza kickoff weekend. For the first time in Portland World Naked Bike Ride history, the police were involved in the planning process and corked intersections on the most dangerous sections of the ride. Flashing lights on police motorcycles kept cars and drunk pedestrians at bay as thousands of naked personages rushed through Burnside and Old Town. To their credit, the police were willing to be flexible and overlook thousands of possible traffic violations in the interest of keeping everyone safe. And it worked — no one got run over and very few were hurt. All in all, a peaceful wild and crazy naked bike riding weekend.

Photo via BikePortland.

Other fun weekend activities that no one got arrested for — Columbia River Crossing protest! Nutria feeding! A burger made from a kitten! - below the cut.


Cascadia Rising Tide organized this anti-12 Lane CRC banner drop on Mississippi Sunday afternooon.

Mercury Art Director Scrappers led a PedalPalooza ride to feed nutria — see that aquatic rodent in back? He lives at a secret pond in Milwaukie.


We also sampled these tasty kitten burgers served at a burger place in Milwaukie.

Ten more days of PedalPalooza to come! Post your best photos of all the action to the Mercury Flickr Pool and I'll post some on the Blogtown!