There is blood in the cherry spoon.
This is your fault Matt Davis. Could you please send an email to the Bicycling editor and tell him that the blood you were talking about is figurative?!
Thanks a lot matt davis :/ There's blood in our #2 ranking.
If only some plucky reporter had tried to shake us out of our complacency before it was too late!
Who cares? Those people still have to live in Minnesota.
They're a little feisty up there, eh? Dontcha know.
Maybe Adam's should be focusing on Portland not being #6 for business bankruptcies... Going by bike is great, having a job to ride your bike to is better.

Who cares? Those people still have to live in Minnesota.
- pork chop

And Portland is still one of the most overrated cities on the planet.
10 and Davis suffer some serious serial thinking.

Multiple things can be done in parallel! For instance, you can tear up the road for some bioswales, bury a suicidal homless person, repave a paint a bike lane on that road all on the same budget.

If you're tearing up the road anyway, why not do all three?! It's economy of planning!
Blame it on the economy. The word has gotten out that Portland is no longer cheap, barista jobs are hard to get, so young hipsters have stopped moving to the City of Roses. Unfortunately, the retirees from CA never did the concept of bike riding, so while they still move here, they don't saddle up.
We Win!

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