Rooftop Ride (June 10): Urban explorers will see the city in the best way: from the top of one of Portland's swankiest (or at least, most accessible) rooftops. Departure, 525 SW Morrison, 10:30 pm

Bowie vs. Prince Mobile Dance Party (June 11): This ridiculous citywide dance-off is now a tradition. Whomever you're rooting for, bring the sparkles, baby. Bearly Worn, 4926 SE Division, 8 pm

Star Wars vs. Star Trek (June 12): Somehow, someone thought up a nerdier, awesomer ride to rival Bowie vs. Prince. Will Han Solo wannabes kick Kirk's ass? OMSI, 1945 SE Water, 7 pm

Pretty Panty Ride (June 13): Riding your bike around Vancouver in the middle of the day in your underwear. Now that takes balls. Clock Tower at Esther Short Park, 600 SW Columbia, Vancouver, 10:15 am

Klunk in Forest Park (June 14): One of the few mountain biking rides of the festival, this friendly bomb through Forest Park can be done even on a beach cruiser. Fat Tire Farm, 2714 NW Thurman, 1:30 pm

Pedal Potluck Picnic (June 15): A casual ride, where friends and strangers dine out of the finest Tupperware. Alberta Co-op Grocery, 1500 NE Alberta, 6:30 pm

The Ginger Ride (June 16): These redheads are serious. They have even made business cards for their ride and mailed one to Chuck Norris. Seriously. Red Flag, 344 NE 28th, 7 pm

Tutu Food Cart Ride (June 17): Wear a tutu. Bike to food carts. This ride pretty much sums up the entire spirit of Pedalpalooza. Salmon Street Fountain, SW Salmon & Naito, 6 pm

Dead Freeways Ride (June 18): Scattered around Portland are the artifacts of a car-centric city that could have been. Learn the strange history of Portland's never-built freeways. South Park Blocks in front of PSU's Lincoln Hall, 900 SW Market, 5:45 pm

Gayest Day of the Year Ride (June 19): Give those dykes on bikes a run for their money. SMYRC parking lot, 3024 NE MLK, noon

World Naked Bike Ride (June 19): There's nothing quite like zooming down Burnside among 5,000 naked new friends. SE Water & Salmon, 9 pm

North! Saddle up and Ride (June 20): A bike/theater ride will unfold a western-themed "bike play" with stops through North Portland. Eff Space, 333 NE Hancock, 6:30 pm

Portland: 10 Things to Do in (Under) 24 Hours (June 21): A ride for tourists! And people who want to pretend they're tourists! Not actually 24 hours long. Washington Park MAX stop, 4100 SW Canyon, 2 pm

Pizza Ride/Pizza Protest Ride (June 22): Finally! Someone is leading a protest against those cheese grubbers who lead the obesity-inducing annual Epic Pizza Ride. Richmond Park, SE 47th & Ivon, 5:45 pm

Sprockettes Ride and Dance Party (June 23): Your hometown pink-and-black, lady bicycle dance crew is planning something big. Da Vinci Middle School, NE 27th & Everett, 6 pm

Mixtape Trade and Record Store Ride (June 24): Bring a mixtape to trade, then bike between music-selling establishments with a bike-hauled boombox. Piccolo Park, SE 27th & Division, 5 pm

Bike 'n' Sketch (June 25): The normally stodgy Portland Art Museum is hosting this fun-looking ride, including a visit to the museum's R. Crumb exhibit. Portland Art Museum, 1219 SW Park, 6 pm

Costco Run (June 26): Scare the hell out of the suburbanites with a bike caravan rolling up to Costco on NE 138th. Prizes awarded for biggest volume purchase. Laurelhurst Park, SE 39th & Ankeny, 10:30 am

Sunday Parkways (June 27): Roll around North Portland's car-free streets for the morning, then meet up to head to the always debaucherous Pedalpalooza closing party. Peninsula Park, N Rosa Parks & Albina, 10 am-3 pm; closing party ride, Peninsula Park, N Ainsworth & Kerby, 3 pm

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