Betsey Andreau is not Lance Armstrong's ex-wife. She is the wife of an ex-teammate / friend of Lance Armstrong. By all accounts, he's got a good relationship with his ex-wife.

And I knew he had a bunch of kids with more than one gal and he dated Sheryl Crow for a while, but geez, a search shows that he really got around in his heyday - Crow, Kate Hudson, Tory Burch, one of the Olson twins, wow.
Stop talking about this douchebag. Let him fade away into the ether like Mark McGuire.
^^Agreed, he is a manipulative bullying lair who can go away now
Though unlikely, maybe the woman in question had an issue with people calling her fat?
Slow day in the newsroom?
Andreu would likely be far more pissed and offended at Mirk for calling her his ex-wife than she would be at anyone else for calling her fat.
Piece of SHIT!
@babygorilla - sorry! I screwed that up! Changed it now.
But calling a woman fat *IS* the worst thing you can say to a woman. Trust me, nothing cuts deeper than telling a girl she's fat.

The lynch mob over Lance is adorable. You'd think he raped some babies while shooting up a movie theater based on this condemnation. Or what? Are you surprised cyclists dope? Cute ;)
Virtually all cyclists do, but he was adamant about his "innocence". Additionally he was rotten to other people, which does not make him OJ, but an a hole none the less

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