• Beatrice!
Transportation Director Leah Treat earned a fair amount of sympathy over the past few days after her cherished blue bicycle, Beatrice, was stolen from a bike rack outside the Portland Building last week. As she told, it was the third time in three cities the bike had been stolen—meaning she'd gotten it back the first two times someone ganked it away.

Treat was extremely lucky those other two times. And now her streak, as of today, remains intact.

Portland police sent out their own release a bit ago mentioning the news. They say the suspect in the theft, Jason Lee Elmore, rode up to officers who were clearing the sidewalks of campers and protesters and tents along SW Madison between Chapman Square and Terry Schrunk Plaza. It's not clear, from the release, if he was among the group or just passing through. The release doesn't say what time the bike was recovered.

Update 4:42 PM: Police spokesman Sergeant Pete Simpson tells me Elmore is homeless but that he's "not sure if he was a 'camper' there."

A point worth mentioning: Treat confessed to BikePortland that she'd secured her bike only with a cable lock. Don't ever do that. Even outside a bustling building like the Portland Building. Here's the best primer on bike security I've ever read. And remember, BikePortland also tracks stolen bike reports.