Remember Greek Cusina? That mediocre but overpriced Greek Place represented by a giant, inflatable purple octopus?

I bet you thought Cusina owner Ted Papas would disappear since his restaurant shut down in a blaze of blamey finger-pointing. But no! On the anniversary of the restaurant's shut down, Papas marched on city hall, declaring, "Greek Cusina may be gone, but it is not forgotten."

I'm impressed with Papas' ambition. I mean, who else would ever combine unbridled fury with whimsical purple octopus hats and expect things to go well?


Let's review the reasons Greek Cusina closed down. They refused to follow sidewalk cafe rules. Their security was over-aggressive. They consistently violated noise ordinances. The city targeted the creaky building as a fire hazard until Papas racked up over $200,000 in fees. Papas inspired the ire of lunch-loving Portlanders by attacking food carts. Oh, and the food sucked. You're right, Ted, we totally haven't forgotten! The best way to commemorate the anniversary of Greek Cusina's closing is to take yourself out to Foti's.

Now, following Papas' Octopi Precedent, next time there's an anti-police protest downtown, I sincerely hope someone will be wearing one of these.