Whatever you were doing yesterday afternoon was probably more boring, and most likely safer, than this:

Just sayin'.

That's Thor Drake up in there air, there, co-owner of See See Motor Coffee Co. and probably Portland's most popular and well-documented motorcycle stuntman (see: every photo or music video filmed here involving motorcycles ever). I think that probably sans cape and mass human peril, this is just a typical afternoon for Drake, but in this case the jump was a reward for donations for a forthcoming book documenting the past two years of the One Motorcycle Show. Or, according to MotoLady:

…for science! Or… for the love of moto! Or simply because it’s fun to do things that aren’t maybe the best idea. Either way, Thor raised $50,000 to bring some amazing books to print… two years of the One Motorcycle Show. To entice investors, he said he’d jump over them for another 10k. He got it. Today, he jumped ‘em.

I'm glad that A) he followed through on his Kickstarter reward promise, and B) everyone lived.