THICK VAPE PLUMES have been billowing from behind the closed doors of our offices in anticipation of this year's Cannabis Guide. But even in the Wild West of the Mercury headquarters, there's still a waft of taboo to openly smoking weed. So as Oregon barrels down the track toward full legalization on July 1, let's take a snapshot—a pot shot, if you will—of all the ways Portland puffs, even those in secret.

Just like our annual sex survey, you can be assured your answers are completely anonymous. Feel free to dish—no narcs here. We want to hear from the full spectrum of Mercury "weeders," from medical cannabis patients to casual a-movie-and-an-edible users, from professional growers to dab dabblers. Fill out the form at We'll get the results back to you in a truth-filled article in our Legalization Issue on July 1.