Oregon Cannabis Guide 2016

That Show About the Weed Guy

Web Series High Maintenance Makes a Successful Transition to HBO

Cannabuzz: Just Don't Call It a Bud and Breakfast

A Look at the Cannabis-Friendly North Fork 53 Homestead

Read the 2016 Oregon Cannabis Guide!

Your Annual Mini-Magazine About All Things Weed Has Arrived

Cannabuzz: Weed Reads

What to Read Before—and After—You Get High

Ask a Pot Lawyer: How to Get Your Weed Worker Permit

It’s Not Hard, But You’ll Need to Study Up—and Pony Up

Weed Begins at 40

How I Got Back into the Pot Game

Ask a Pot Lawyer: Are We Headed Toward "Big Canna"?

Are Giant Marijuana Companies on the Way?

It’s Like a Humidor for Your Weed

We Tried Out the Cannador Storage System

My Roommate, the Weed Chemist

A Conversation with Green Leaf Lab About Canna Science

The Future of Oregon's Weed Industry

Our Cannabis Programs Are the Best in the Country

The Stoner Games

Perfect Summer Games to Play Under the Influence of Weed

How to be High in Public

(Don't Actually Do Any of These Things)

BEHOLD: Your brand-new Oregon Cannabis Guide. It's the Portland Mercury's second annual supplement about all things weed, and it includes a comprehensive directory of some of your favorite cannabis dispensaries and businesses around the city. BUT THERE'S MORE. We whipped up a smallish magazine's worth of stories for your entertainment and edification, too, because nothing says "let's get stoned!" like sitting quietly in the corner and reading to yourself.

The guide is in certain issues of this week's Portland Mercury and at other select locations around town (check your favorite dispensary!), but since it's 2016, you can also read the stories ON-LINE. Take a hit off this hot content:

• "My Roomate, the Weed Chemist": A Q&A with Green Leaf Lab About Canna Science

• "That Show About the Weed Guy": Web Series High Maintenance Makes the Successful Transition to HBO

• "It's Like a Humidor... for Your Weed": A Review of the Cannador Storage System

• "Weed Begins at 40": A Grownup Gets Back into the Pot Game

• "How to Be High in Public": With Handy Visual Aids!

• "Great Stoner Albums You Need to Hear": Hey, Music Sounds Good When You're High! Who Knew?

Check out all of these and more through this handy web portal to the Mercury's 2016 Oregon Cannabis Guide. A fun digital edition—complete with the business directory and realistic page-turning sound effects—is also ready for you to roll and smoke here.