Leif Goods

The horrific images of children being taken away from their undocumented parents, assigned numbers, and locked into rows of cages inside of repurposed Walmarts is a new subterranean level of vileness that hasn't been seen in a generation. The resulting degree of heartbreak and defeat is nearly immeasurable, leaving good people struggling to seek ways to cope with the truly evil actions of the Great Orange Satan. I have several friends who are now seeking out anti-depressants to deal with how hard this atrocity is impacting them. And while these are dark days, there are options for taking action to both help the children, and to manage one's own reaction to this.

One such action is being undertaken by Portland cannabis chocolatier and makers of yummy things that get you high, Leif Goods. Their response to the WTF orders of our deranged president and his administration goes into action starting today, and runs through the Sunday, June 24. It's a small way for you to help these innocent children, while also possibly helping your own mood management.

Simply go to the Farma dispensary (916 SE Hawthorne) and buy any of Leif Goods' chocolate bars. For each bar sold, Leif will donate $1 to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), an organization which provides high-quality legal representation to migrant children who have been separated from their families. Now that you have helped the cause, you can help your own fevered brain and eat a piece or two (or nine) of chocolate, because vigilant resistance takes a toll on us all.