My ongoing series on discreet cannabis consumption has looked at edibles in several forms, as edibles provide the greatest level of discretion. Even a handheld vape can look suspicious, so for the ultimate in under-the-radar intake, edibles are the way to go. However, many edibles have a mere 5 to 10 milligrams of THC per serving. While that's plenty for many people, there are those who walk among us who require a higher amount to get the desired effect. Which can be an issue, as consuming multiple servings of a low-THC edible may not be desirable based on cost, convenience, or concern over caloric intake.

Which is why I was so excited to receive a new product from SDK, the Portland-based, women-owned cannabis edibles company best known for producing tasty, vegan, and gluten-free cookies. I've favorably reviewed their goodies before, and find them to be a great way to introduce edibles to newbies or those with a subterranean-level tolerance.

This new offering, however, contains a walloping 50 milligrams of THC in a single chocolate chip cookie, because sometimes the only way you're going to endure a work function or family gathering is with 50 milligrams of THC coursing through your system. A handy serving guide does allow for an easy slice and dice of the cookie into more manageable portions for lower tolerance people. As with all SDK products, the taste is spot on, due in part to a high quality ingredient list that includes Bob's Red Mill Flour, Darigold Butter, real vanilla, and organically grown cannabis by Moto Perpetuo Farm.

Another attractive feature is the cost: A suggested retail price of just $5 ($6 if paying tax) means you can protect your wallet while the cookie protects your sanity. You can get lifted for the cost of a large fancy coffee drink that tastes like tree branches.

Being an American with issues of portion control, I can attest that these go down quickly and easily, so due caution should be exhibited when busting these out. In my experience, the thing that goes best with a chocolate cookie is another chocolate chip cookie, or five more. But the price and potency make this a surefire winner for those with a high tolerance.