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The issue isn't that Oregon has too much weed, it's that other places have too little.

Seriously. Eliminate the silly and outdated prohibition in all 50 states and the oversupply problem goes away.


There are a lot of problems in the world. This not one of them.


You know all that gold/brown/yellow colored weed you see in dispensaries these days? That’s what happens when it sits on the shelf for too long. It’s called oxidization. Weed (and all of it’s various byproducts) goes bad like any other agricultural product. So stop it with the “6 year supply” bullshit. Unless you have room set aside to store pounds of weed in airtight, climate controlled dark rooms, that’s a bogus claim. There’s always a market for FRESH, top shelf cannabis.


Just because a lot of drug warriors want job security doesn't mean that this is a real problem. The entire point of legalization was to end the drug war, not create a thousand new drug warriors. We have real problems in this State that need to be addressed: we voted to get this humping dog off our leg so that they could be addressed. It's time to get the cops off drugs so they can fight actual crime. That doesn't mean I need a drug warrior in my exam room ignoring my cancer because fighting the drug war is more fun. It means both of those groups need to do their job and quit trying so hard to control what people choose to imbibe.

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