Aren't there ethical concerns about accepting free gifts from the businesses you're reviewing?

Is this a common practice in your reporting? How many times?


Euphonius, its common journalistic practice to disclose if you have received compensation in some form from the brand for which you are reporting on. That's what "full disclosure" means, that I am disclosing fully that Eaze supplied me with the credit I used to make a purchase. If they had not, I would have expensed it to The Mercury, which would have been a reimbursement but wouldn't have required a full disclosure notification. Thanks for reading, and happy first day of spring!


You didn't answer the question. Are you saying the every single time you've received a gift from a company you're reviewing, you've included this same sort of glib "full disclosure" remark within the review?

And you say that that's The Mercury's "common journalistic practice" for all its reviews?

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