Mark your calendars for next summer. If you don’t already know, July 10 is the official holiday of cannabis oil, that angelic substance that is extracted out of cannabis flowers and used to make dabs and vape cartridges. And July 10—or 710—is their official day. It’s like 4/20, but an entirely new pot holiday that is, in my opinion, far more appropriate for the age of legal weed.

Four-twenty was once a slightly subversive phrase, spoken between people to quietly indicate that ”yes, I too smoke pot.” Back when not everyone smoked weed and, gasp, people could openly hate pot smokers. We live in such a different and friendlier climate (and by “we,” I am referring to those of us who live in enlightened bubbles of the world that have legalized weed) that we need a new cannabis area code.

And that area code is 710. Spelled backward and upside down it looks a bit like the word “oil,” which is a euphemism for cannabis oil, which is the king product of the legalization movement. Cannabis oil is made by running cannabis flowers through an extraction process that separates the plant matter from pot’s active ingredients, like THC, CBD, and flavorful compounds called terpenes. When you concentrate those compounds together you are left with a sticky, often honey-like substance that can be vaped or dabbed. It’s consistently the fastest growing product category in legal states across the country, and far more popular than edibles.

April 20 is a celebration of flower; it’s a day to smoke massive blunts and rip huge bongs. But on July 10, we (again speaking to those of us that live under enlightened governments) inhale vape pens full of plant-matter-free oil and dab little balls of tasty, terpene-rich oils.

It makes sense that oil would be the anointed product of the legalization movement, because without legalization, oil wouldn’t really exist. The black market is better at producing low-grade, moonshine-esque extractions. Whereas the two main ingredients of the legalization movement—cheap weed and capitalists with cash—form a potent recipe for artisanal pot oil. It’s the legal market where companies can invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into professional lab equipment that can produce cutting edge concentrates. And there’s plenty of high-quality cannabis to squeeze oil out of.

If supporting capitalists with cash sounds off-putting to you, don’t worry, there is a way to celebrate 710 Day without sending your money to faceless Big Weed corporations. Oregon still has many small cannabis companies, many of which are female- and minority-owned, and they’re making amazing vape cartridges and dabs. Inquire at your local dispensary about who is making your oils and your budtender should be able to point you toward smaller, craft brands. 

So next July 10, find some locally made cannabis oil and celebrate the wonders of legalization by hitting a vape pen, taking a dab, or just not being a jerk to those who do.