Cannabuzz Jan 21, 2015 at 4:20 pm

Sportsball and the Sticky-Icky


Employment is serfdom and a deal's a deal. You don't sign anything without a lawyer. These players negotiate hard bargains for millions of dollars. If they want a full punch bowel with no brown M&Ms at every venue, they get it.
...although if someone is asking for a full punch bowel, they're probably smoking more than weed.

Also, tell me that Scott Frost has never drank a beer, or smoked a cigarette, or eaten a lunchable, or...
Mindless physical activity becomes fascinating on grass.
@Dennis Envy:
If "student athletes" were treated as employees instead of free labor for the big money college sports, they would be able to negotiate reasonable working conditions and 'millions of dollars,' like the coaches get. They aren't and so they can't.

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