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Quitting Amazon Seems Hard. But in Portland, It's Super Easy


Also the Multnomah county library has all of these things free, even ebook downloads...
Oh, please. Just another example of how Portland's "mainstream counterculture" will piss on anything successful. I know it's tough to swallow, but you cannot "maintain universal oneness" and garbage such as that AND have a super-successful company.

Adapt or die. That's the way of the world.
How do I find ways to preorder movies other than Amazon?
I buy many other products at Amazon other than media ... In fact I get my books, cd's and DVD's at the library ... I'm not a person that has to own everything that comes out ... And I did work at Powell's for a couple of years, there's plenty that goes on behind closed doors that makes me avoid them ...
"Powell's for a couple of years, there's plenty that goes on behind closed doors that makes me avoid them ..."-missy22, now you dont say now theres a behind the scenes tell all i want to read
You forgot Second Avenue Records.
I think this is a great article. Because Portland is sadly becoming a larger and larger city everyday, and I know and I've heard that people are getting pissed that all the places that made Portland fun in the first place are suffering. I would love the community to continue to support small bookstores, record shops, and local companies. If we can continue to focus on that as a city, I think this place might not turn too shitty.

Oh, and f$&! that Steven Staniszewski guy amirite?
Yes, you're right. He takes a fairly complex argument and "counters" it in the douchiest way possible. If no one has actually said anything about "maintain(ing) universal oneness," then you don't get to ridicule all those silly people who supposedly care about it.

Then, of course, the Internet Tough Guy outro: don't even know where to begin with that one, but I guess we all may assume he's another one of those people who think that other people's problems are "whining," but when it happens to him, it's the biggest fucking tragedy in the world.
Sadly, this article only addresses media. I was hoping for suggestions about all the physical things I order from Amazon - how to get reviews of everything from napkins to electronics, how to substitute for free two-day shipping, where to buy the filters for the vent hood in my kitchen, who will free two-day ship birthday presents to all my relatives, and so forth. I already buy paper books from Powell's, check out ebooks from the library, and so forth. And I don't own a television...
That's great for people who live in a city. But rural people who live an hour from a decent size city love Amazon. A box from there is like Christmas. And you can get EVERYTHING, versus having to run all over. As for the way they treat people; welcome to Medica 2014.
You didn't touch on comics at all, but we are lucky to have Excalibur, Floating World, TFAW, and many other great comic book stores. Many (though not all) newer comics also come with accompanying download codes so that you can have the digital version as well.

Almost all of that insufferable vinyl comes with an MP3 download, too, as long as it's new. CDs are just future landfill fodder anyway.

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