Trump Resistance Playbook

The Trump Resistance Playbook

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I interned for a high-level politician back in college, and was responsible for logging and responding to complaints and concerns about a certain topic. Here's a secret: Your complaints do matter.

No, the politician didn’t read every letter or listen to every voicemail, but the staff did—they compiled daily reports, and documented the number of calls and letters that came in on every issue so they could look at trends. Those trends help inform decisions. The numbers matter.

Now that Donald Trump is president (holy shit), it’s more important than ever to stay on top of your elected leaders as Trump, his appointees, and Republican congresspeople promise to make life worse for everybody who isn’t a wealthy Christian businessman. Do not get complacent, and do not let those representing you get complacent.

It doesn’t have to be a long, well-researched speech or novel—a few quick, clear, efficient sentences will do just fine.

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When Republicans propose shit that will make life worse for everybody but the rich, send an email or give a quick call to your elected officials. Tell them:

“My name is [your name, obviously], and I’m a voter from [Portland, probably]. I really care about [the environment, healthcare, civil rights, whatever] and I advise [your congressperson] to oppose [whatever reckless shit is being proposed that will make life worse for people]. If they will not oppose [said nonsense] they will not have my support in the future.”

It’s that simple. All of Oregon’s congresspeople—except for Rep. Greg Walden in the district east of the Cascades—are Democrats who have been vocal in their opposition to Trump. But it’s still important to stay on them, and here’s how you do that:

Sen. Ron Wyden.
Email form:
Portland office: 503-326-7525; 911 NE 11th, #630, Portland, OR, 97232.

Sen. Jeff Merkley.
Email form:
Portland office: 503-326-3386; 121 SW Salmon, #1400, Portland, OR, 97204.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (third district).
Email form:
Portland office: 503-231-2300; 911 NE 11th, #200, Portland, OR, 97232.