Gender is a social construct and concept that is subjective and highly personal. I think the author of this article and most of us can agree on that. Yeah? Maybe? Why does the Mercury feel that it's productive or helpful to publish an article from a position of authority that creates new rules and definitions and standards about how we should now view our own gender identity? This seems to really run counter to the idea of gender as something personal, fluid and self defined. Anyway...just a thought!


@esmo I personally did not feel D Martin's article was trying to be authoritative, considering the disclaimer. They made some good points, and while I disagree on some, I agree that gender philosophy is a political terrain and needs to be argued upon. Where are you coming from, @esmo? I'm only curious - as someone who is in love with the 'cosmic' masculine-femine dichotomy, I feel fine identifying with as 'cis.'


What do you see when you look at a sunflower? Is what you see the same as what I see? How do I know that I see the color blue the same as you? Does it matter?

Gender dysphoria is similar to experiencing something but knowing your experience is different from other people. Gender euphoria can be described as experiencing something that most people can't imagine.

There are those of us in the trans community that can pass, and some of us don't pass. It's fair to say when people encounter those of us who pass, it's a non issue.

I'd like to address the following to those who aren't trans, or know of someone trans in your circle of humanity. When you encounter someone who doesn't pass you can magnify our dysphoria by staring, or making rude comments (even when you think we don't hear), or you can magnify our euphoria by accepting who we present ourselves to be.

Van Gough saw sunflowers differently than any other person alive, and he was able to convey his vision through his art, allowing others to see that there is more to a sunflower than a casual glance can capture. Gender Euphoria is like a masterpiece. Experiencing it is special. Decide what you want to add to this world, more dysphoria or more euphoria. Adding to one person's happiness makes the whole world a better place because moods are as contagious as a virus.


"(wait... are there even hills in South Dakota?)"

The Black Hills.

Not trying to be negative, I just went there once as a kid. From Oregon. In a car. It was... a long trip.

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