Name: Gina Hoesly
Form of oppression: Work-related Stress

Even though the terrible mire caused by Portland's abundance of gangs, sex workers, and "anarchists" is over-exaggerated, it is undeniable that being a Portland Police Officer is filled with occupational hazards and stress. That's why it's completely wack that ex-officer Gina Hoesly got the boot for allegedly dabbling in a little of the "white angel." Can you really blame someone for needing cocaine and ecstasy to mask anxiety--anxiety doubtless wrought by a high-stress occupation (not that I'm saying she did--I'm just saying)? And, after selflessly devoting 12 years to serving and protecting North Portland--not to mention posing for a Harley Davidson calendar and possessing the wherewithal to recognize she can make her own choices about drugs--I say it's time to give this poor lady a break. FREE GINA HOESLY, AND REINSTATE HER OFFICERSHIP! After all, I'd much rather have an experienced drug user arresting me, than some no-nothing do-gooder who earned a badge and a gun by watching a mail-order video. Wouldn't you?--JULIANNE SHEPHERD