Name: Lars Larson
Form of oppression: Liberal people

Lars Larson is a reasonable man. "My point of view is reasonable," he says. "I'm a reasonable Republican. I'm a compassionate conservative." As the host of a popular talk radio show on KXL 750 AM, Larson has to maintain an agreeable stance in order to put up with some of the disagreeable quirks of the business.

"The Democratic Party of Oregon passed a resolution recently that attacked talk radio for being too conservative. Since then almost every newspaper in Portland has done one or more stories about how talk radio is dominated by conservatives. That amazes me... that the liberals in Oregon would try to regulate free expression on the radio. It's crazy."

Larson deals with his angst by helping others who are oppressed. "We try to stand up for people who have the state on their backs," he says. "For instance, when that girl got in trouble with her high school for showering in the boys' locker room. She was valedictorian and student body president, and the shower was nothing but an extended streak, not damaging at all, and yet the school robbed her of both titles. We thought that was unfair, so I broadcast an entire show buck naked so that I could be in solidarity with shower girl."

Lars Larson. Compassionate Conservative and Heroic Liberator.--JUSTIN SANDERS