1. Benicio Del Toro visited Portland in 2001 to star in what super-shitty movie?

2. Who was that other guy in the movie (not Jeff Gianola)?

3. What is "ghost riding the whip"?

4. What was the USA Patriot Act of 2001?

5. What was the nickname for the romantic pairing of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck?






6. What was the term used by Justin Timberlake to describe the sudden exposure of Janet Jackson's bejeweled breast during the 2004 Super Bowl Halftime Show?

7. Who is Shifty Shellshock?

8. Does anyone remember Friendster?

9. In her appearance as a contestant on the semi-popular reality show Elimadate, what piece of sexy clothing did the Mercury's Marjorie Skinner give to her "date"?

10. Who got mauled by the tiger: Siegfried or Roy?

11. Who was the "enemy combatant", captured during the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan, known as "the American Taliban"?

12. From which area high school did Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff graduate in 1998?

13. Bonus: Who was the most bangable character from Battlestar Galactica?

14. Which of the following fashion trends was the biggest DON'T of the decade?

-trucker hats

-skinny jeans

-white belts

-platform flip-flops


dropped-crotch trousers (or "hammer pants," if you will)

15. Put the following panic-inducing public health scares in chronological order: Mad Cow Disease, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, West Nile Virus, SARS, Anthrax.

16. Who is this?

17. After hipster rock club Blackbird closed down in 2003, what was the next business to take up residence in that space?

18. Extra points! Before becoming the Blackbird, the space was home to a strip club named _____________.

19. In the reality show Being Bobby Brown, Bobby famously bragged about digging what out of wife Whitney Houston's ass?

20. When Saddam Hussein was captured in 2003, he was, according to the military, hiding in a _______________.

21. Which of the following celebrities have never exposed their naked "ham wallet" to the paparazzi?

-Lindsay Lohan

-Britney Spears

-Paris Hilton

-Tara Reid

22. What was the bumper sticker slogan for homophobes supporting 2004's Ballot Measure 36?

23. In the first season finale of Survivor, contestant Susan Hawk referred to finalists Richard Hatch and Kelly Wiglesworth as what two types of animals?

24. What former city council member was the Mercury's favorite whipping boy for years—until we endorsed him in the mayor's race against Tom Potter?

25. Which member of 'N Sync trained for, but was tragically denied, a trip to the International Space Station?

26. What part of Roger Ebert's body did director Vincent Gallo "curse" after the film critic panned The Brown Bunny?

27. Who was Ryan Seacrest's co-host for season one of American Idol?

28. True or False: Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the color-coded Homeland Security Advisory System has been lowered to blue (guarded) only once.

29. Who gave Lindsay Lohan the nickname "Firecrotch"?

30. Martha Stewart was sent to prison on what charges?

31. Terri Schiavo... WTF?

32. Which of the following quotes is an actual excerpt from an email from ex-Portland Police Chief Derrick Foxworth to a subordinate, which led to his eventual demotion in 2006?

-"There completely exposed in front of you is my naked brown chocolate body and this huge hard-on for you..."

-"Ooh, suck on my chocolate salty balls. Put 'em in your mouth. Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em and suck 'em."

-"When the throbbing I had seen before, came into it as I looked at her, she absolutely lifted up her hand, and struck it."

-"Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies."

33. Who is this?

34. How did Richard Reid plan on killing all those people?

35. What was the name of the wildly popular reality show starring Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton?

36. What evangelical preacher resigned from his church after admitting to soliciting prostitute Mike Jones for sex and meth?

37. Which English actor wanted nothing more than to "drink your milkshake" in 2008?

38. Bonus: Whose milkshake brought all the boys to the yard?

39. In 2006, how did two Portland Police Bureau officers and a sheriff's deputy kill James Chasse Jr., a man with schizophrenia?

-Tackled him to the ground

-Punched him in the head and kicked him.

-Tasered him repeatedly

-Denied him medical transport to the hospital despite the fact he'd passed out more than once.

-All of the above.

40. Put these internet memes in chronological order: David after Dentist, Tron Guy, I Can Has Cheezburger, Peter Pan Pixie Guy, Rickrolling.

41. What female soldier was famously photographed leading a nude Abu Ghraib prisoner around on a leash?

42. Name Britney Spears' two ex-husbands.

43. In what downtown hotel did Jimi Hendrix Experience drummer Mitch Mitchell die in 2008?

44. Name the WNBA team based in Portland from 2000-2002.

45. Bonus: Name one player from that team.

46. At what point in the movie The Village did you first begin to realize M. Night Shyamalan might actually suck?

47. Who is the biggest douchebag of the last 10 years?

48. Michael Moore made a documentary about Bush's actions post-9/11. Name that movie!

49. Following her famous head-shaving meltdown of 2007, what household item did Britney use to assault an SUV?

50. Which of these was an all-ages Portland house venue?

-The Root Cellar

-Robot Steakhouse

-The Android Rotisserie

-Uncle Tickle's All-Ages House for Music and Secret Keeping

51. Who said the following at a February 2002 press conference: "There are known knowns... we also know that there are known unknowns... there are also unknown unknowns."

52. What actor is famous for calling female police officers "Sugar Tits"?

53. Who is this?

54. Robert Downey Jr. had a pivotal role for two seasons on what early '00s TV show?

55. Winona Ryder is famous for two things: Heathers and what else?


1. The Hunted. 2. Tommy Lee Jones. 3. Jumping out of a rolling car and dancing either beside or on top of it. 4. The Patriot Act gave law enforcement agencies sweeping search and surveillance powers over US citizens. 5. Bennifer. 6. "Wardrobe malfunction." 7. Singer of Crazy Town. 8. No. 9. Vibrating panties. 10. Roy. 11. John Walker Lindh. 12. Sunset High School. 13. Boomer. 14. Trucker hats. 15. Mad Cow Disease (2000), Anthrax (2001), West Nile Virus (2002), SARS (2003), Bird Flu (2005), Swine Flu (2009). 16. Anne Robinson, host of The Weakest Link. 17. Uncle Butchy's Low-Carb Creations. 18. Brandy's. 19. A "dookie bubble." 20. Spider hole. 21. Tara Reid. 22. "One Man, One Woman." 23. Snakes and rats. 24. Jim Francesconi. 25. Lance Bass. 26. Ebert's prostate. 27. Brian Dunkleman. 28. False. It's never been lowered past yellow (elevated). 29. Brandon Davis, with an assist from Paris Hilton. 30. Securities fraud and obstruction of justice. 31. Yeah, dude. I know. 32. "There completely exposed to you is my naked brown chocolate body and this huge hard on for you..." 33. The Dell Computer guy. 34. Shoe bomb. 35. The Simple Life. 36. Ted Haggard. 37. Daniel Day-Lewis. 38. Kelis'. 39. All of the above. 40. Peter Pan Pixie Guy (2001), Tron Guy (2004), I Can Has Cheezburger (2006), Rickrolling (2007), David After Dentist (2009). 41. Lynddie England. 42. Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline. 43. Benson Hotel. 44. Portland Fire. 45. Congratulations, you are a lesbian. 46. Somewhere around the middle. 47. Joe Francis (will also accept Fred Durst). 48. Fahrenheit 9/11. 49. Umbrella. 50. Robot Steakhouse. 51. Donald Rumsfeld. 52. Mel Gibson. 53. Richie Frahm. 54. Ally McBeal. 55. Shoplifting.